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LiftOff Creamery Cares



LiftOff Creamery is a big supporter to our community and our guests. Each year, we allocate a budget to support community engagement and activities through various contribution opportunities. 


We must fairly distribute our support to as many organizations as possible and all requests must be submitted using the donation form below. Please fill this out completely in order for the request to be considered.


NOTE: Submitting a request does not guarantee a donation.


IF a donation is granted to your organization, LiftOff Creamery has the right to use your organization’s name as a donation recipient in any of LiftOff Creamery's promotional marketing or advertising material(s). Additionally, the organization agrees to promote LiftOff Creamery on its social media outlets and marketing material.


NOTE: Fundraisers to benefit a political campaign, individual, or family, are generally not honored.


Please fill out this form 4 to 6 weeks prior to the event date in allowing us time to process your request. 

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